artist statement

Inspiration came where least expected, in an abandoned skating rink. Now converted to a warehouse, the building was piled high with obsolete technology such as circuit boards, wires, and components.

By chance, my brother contacted me to help in clearing the electronic clutter from that warehouse. As we worked that day, it was inescapable that the artist in me would come to work as well. I realized it wasn’t merely junk we were discarding, but artifacts. We think of technology as something permanent, but the parts themselves represent its temporary nature, as ephemeral as any artistic idea. What we were discarding that day were bygones of relentless change.

Technology has changed our professional world. Our leisure. Our worldview. Yet technology itself changes, too, a constant mutation that turns today’s marvels into tomorrow’s refuse. So I asked the question. How can I make the beauty of discarded ideas into something new and permanent?

I found my artistic vision transformed by the precision and craftsmanship in these items we originally took for scrap, function boiled down to its purest form. With every handful, new inspiration resonated within me. I saw possibilities in the aesthetic of striated and linear forms, echoing my graphic arts experience. I began to see technology aligning with art in a permanent and symbiotic way. And an idea was born. 

My contentment lies in wedding dissimilar elements into a larger, organic whole. In this particular exploration, I introduce the building blocks of technology to create a broader theme. As much a giant puzzle as anything, wires, circuit boards, and more, are meticulously fit into the composition of the larger piece. The result, I offer, is one where technology and creativity combine to form a new exploration of dimension, using the obsolete to create new ideas. While my work is certainly not confined to repurposing those materials, I find this journey deeply satisfying.

So when asked to discuss this chapter of my work, I offer that technology is not something for the artist to fear. Instead, it becomes another tool of our imagination, creating within us a new and lively way to see the world.