An abandoned skating rink is where Woody Patterson’s art began its metamorphosis. It is where, he believes, he discovered his true potential as an artist. A space, once filled with life and youth had, years before, transformed into a spiritless, stagnant warehouse filled with circuit boards, electronic wire, radios, computers and everything in between. In 2013, a mere two weeks into a pivotal year off from exhibiting to evaluate his efforts in an attempt to expand his relevance, he received a call to lend a hand regarding this space filled with the remnants of a long ago out of business electronics company. After entering this space and helping to sort it out, he realized that the materials and objects were actually artifacts, and that technology is temporary, as ephemeral as any artistic idea. Patterson launched into collecting the unconventional materials and considered if he could wed them with his art in a way that could make them more relevant and current. At the time, he didn’t realize the impact the bin-bound refuse would have on his creative process.

As Patterson engaged with these technology-related items, it was evident that the items required a different approach. The nature of the materials forced him to adjust his process from a conventional painter to that of an innovator, designer and problem-solver. This challenge was familiar from his previous career, where every client required a fresh approach. In time, by looking inward and embracing what his life experiences and natural talents had to offer, he engineered his own method of creation. Patterson believes that formulating a process that takes advantage of so many of his personal talents and abilities is the reason his work has become unique and engaging. Now he is content in knowing that his creative process is being much more truthful to self.