Technology submits to art, forming something new and inspiring. Where form doesn’t always have to follow function. An experience inviting a viewer to evaluate their personal relationship with technology and the way it shapes our world. Works combine various metals, electronic textures with bands of acrylic pigments.

Variance No.5
September No.1
Symphony No.1
Variance No.4
Variance No.3
Silly Billy No.2
Silly Billy No.3
Bridge No.1
Wavelength No.4
Variance No.1
Variance No.2
Wavelength No.3
Evergreen No.1
Revolve No.1
Dipper No.1
Mono No.1
Leveret No.4
Fountain No.1
Petal No.3
Petal No.9
Silly Billy No.1
Wavelength No.2
Maritime No.1
Wavelength No.1
Cityside No.1
Jumper No.1
Adaptation No.1
Communique No.4
Communique No.5
Techno No.3
Techno No.4
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