Earlier multi-media works based on the theme where technology submits to art, forming something new.
Electroflora No.2
Dance No.2
Frangipani No.1
School No.10
Bifocal No.1
Oceanside No.2
Surf No.3
Surf No.1
Oceanside No.1
Tomato No.1
Strawberry No.1
Rose No.1
Tomato No.2
Soar No.1
Stria No.5
Stria No.3
Stria No.4
Electroflora No.1
School No.6
School No.7
Angel No.1
Tasting No1
Tasting No.2
Solar Port No.1
Oracle No.1
Typecast No.1
Segment No.1
Aquatic No.1
Aquatic No.2
School No.5
Apple No. 1
Petal No.6
Leveret No.6
Leveret No.5
Petal No.7
Leveret No.2
Mamba No.1
Three Dancers
Plasan No.1
Leveret No.3
Petals No.2
Communique No.3
Avenue No.1
Avenue No.2
Leveret No.1
Petals No.1
Dance No.1
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